Pet Boarding in Bloomfield, NJ

veterinarian in bloomfield, njWhen traveling for business or on vacation there is a lot to do and enough stress without having to worry about who is going to take care of your beloved animal companion. This is especially true if your pet has a chronic or acute medical condition that requires a caregiver with some veterinary knowledge and experience.

Rather than impose on a neighbor or rely on a pet sitter with little animal care training, you should take advantage of our veterinarian-supervised boarding for pets with medical needs. For example, if your dog is epileptic or your cat has diabetes, we can offer your pet safe and comfortable boarding in our Bloomfield, NJ facility, as well as any necessary medical care.

We are pet owners ourselves and provide boarding service as if we were caring for our own pets. When you bring your pet for boarding, they will be personally admitted to the hospital by one of our trained veterinary technician team members.

Your pet's special health needs, such as medicine administration, food preparation and exercise requirements will all be reviewed with you. Clients are welcome to bring their pet's own food if they are on special diets.

All boarding pets are monitored daily by one of our veterinarians.

Our boarding services are for the convenience of our current clients. If you wish to board an animal and are not currently a client, we ask that you bring your pet in for an exam and consultation prior to boarding. The purpose of this is to get to know your pet and its unique personality. We also like to get to know the client so that we may introduce them to our hospital and have them meet the people who will be caring for their pet.

We only board a few animals at a time so that we can better keep an eye on how each one is doing. Patient boarding at our facility allows our staff to observe if a pet is not feeling well, not eating well, or just not acting right. If your pet is on a special medication you can be assured they will receive their medicine on schedule and there will always be a doctor available just in case there is a medical issue.

  • Our kennels are temperature-controlled.
  • Our condos are large enough for all animals. There is plenty of room to stand, move about, and stretch. We provide blankets and comforters as needed.
  • Meals include Hill's and Purina premium diets. Owners are welcome to bring their own food and water, if they wish, and favorite toys or blankets from home.
  • Vaccinations we require for dogs are: DA2PP (distemper-parvo combination), rabies, bordetella (kennel cough), and influenza (canine flu). For cats: FRVCP (distemper-respiratory complex) and rabies.
  • Reservations are required, but we will accept last minute calls and walk-ins if space is available and the required vaccines are current.

Pet Grooming in Bloomfield, NJ

bloomfield nj veterinarianWe offer medicated bathing and clipdowns for pets in need, and lion clips for cats.

We also offer luxurious, cleansing baths that remove dirt, debris, and that doggie pet odor. Your pet will feel fresh and revitalized. If scratching or dry skin is a problem, our medicated baths contain soothing agents and moisturizers that relieve itching and dryness.