Congratulations Dr. Ann and Dr. Dolin

Congratulations are in order to Dr. Ann and Dr. Dolin on their new baby ...... No, not THAT kind of baby. The Dolin family recently grew to include a new female Pug, born on August 15, 2013. Her name is Penny, as in Penny (knock,knock,knock), Penny (knock,knock,knock), Penny (knock, knock, knock).

We are quickly remembering what it's like to get up in them middle of the night to take care of the baby. As of now, Biscuit (our 10 year old male Pug) is a little annoyed with this ball of fire, and Darla (our 4 year old female Pug)is a little bit afraid (of course, she's even afraid of her own shadow).

I guess this is what happens when the kids go off to college!!

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